What is Tincastro? The surface that will not ruin.

The collection Tincastro is a vinyl interlocking floorings, composed of a homogeneous mix of vinyl resins, plasticizers, inorganic addittives colouring pigments and inert mineral fillers.
Produced by injection molding machines with a rised disk surface by the "smooth texture" the Tincastro tile appears with exposed joint around the tile's perimeter.

Tincastro tile is destined for areas subject to heavy traffic and in areas which are not protected against infiltration of dampness. The tile Tincastro resists the passage of four wheeled forklifts for a total laden weight of no more than of suitable width 4.000 kg which must be equipped with rubber wheels.

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Why does Tincastro choose?

Easy and immediate to install
Ready for use immediately after the phase of laying
Maximum strength and durability to wear
Relieve fatigue of joint lower during the day of work
Isolate from cold which is on energy saving
Amortize falls of objects and tools, reduce risk of braking
Skip resistance
Easy to clean
Resistance to chemical common use
Reaction to fire
High capacity of load in according to thickness
Customization with logos, photos, slogans, etc.
Ecological, all material is ricyclable

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the floor that sits by itself.

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